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Garrett Handmade

Lover Stanley Topper

Lover Stanley Topper

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- You have the option to get “Lover” like the album cover or your name in the same font! **Due to the font, if you have an “i” in your name, the dot is left off. Please reach out to use a different font if this isn’t what you want!**

- Each topper design/colors will vary slightly depending where it is cut on the acrylic sheet.

- These are designed to fit the Stanley 2.0 cups and they also fit the 2.0 dupes, please message me if you are unsure.

- The tightness will vary because the width of each lid varies slightly. If the cup is turned upside down, the topper may fall off or move because of this.

- These are not designed to fit any dupes HOWEVER I have had luck with mine fitting on a dupe that is similar (see picture of beige cup). ** I can’t promise it will fit yours so order at your own risk for dupes, no returns accepted.**

- Please hand-wash only.

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